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[the effect of bee dried meat and action and edible method] – of benefit of _ advantage _

Very much material is aimed at the body in nature is to have a lot of action and effect, liquid olefin is one of lead person of amid. Liquid olefin is a kind of material that makes those who do have adipose sex by worker bee, overhaul a honeycomb-like thing is having in bee colony these effect. The action that liquid olefin is aimed at the body a lot of stop for example poison pain dispel, diminish inflammat高柱模板上市五年成功ion eliminates bacterium these, the action that below will come to introduce bee dried meat in detail and effect and have a way. One, nutrient compositionThe bases of liquid olefin is fat kind, oleic acid and glycogen, the water portion that still contains particle, adipose alcohol, naphtha, melanin, vitaminic, mineral wait, amid fat kind composition is 70 ~ about 75% , oleic acid cent is saturated and adipose with 3 acyl glycerine 2 kinds (saturated and adipose composition is 9 ~ about 11% , composition of 3 acyl glycerine is 10 ~ 15%) about, glycogen composition is 10 ~ about 16% , but because bee is planted, nectar source, get means to wait different and have a diffe星驰木业有限公司rence. 2, curb bacterium is antiphlogisticThe effect with liquid the most apparent olefin is curb bacterium diminish inflammation, originate the curb bacterium component that contains in liqu山东裕林木业有限公司id olefin is to have to bacterium of varied cause of disease check and eliminate effect, liquid olefin is additionally righ临沂市永固木业t go saprophytic flesh also is to have first-rate practical effect, can use consequently with rhinitis, tonsil the Zuo of the agnail such as phlogistic, periodontosis aids cure (general with oral cavity occlusive dominant) , and if slight and traumatic, burn, scald also is,be aimed at scar have certain remedial effect (general with dominant of dissolved liquid olefi

n apply) . 3, dispel poison stops acheLiquid olefin stops in dispel poison be fond of the level also is cannot of small hiss, be in especially in order to solve bee venom more apparent, grain liquid olefin is taken to brush after 附近哪有哪些建筑模板厂KLbe being hibernated to prick by the bee consequently be in by hibernate can reasonable dispel poison and stop ache, liquid olefin is additionally right snake venom, bromatoxism also is to Zuo helps remedial result, but be like alertly toxic the avoid by all means when state case is severe applies liquid olefin to come independently dispel poison, the most appropriate method is a horse hospital outpatient service goes seeing a doctor to cause venom secret service to diffuse in case before going up reach be in a bad way. 4, raise Yan MeirongWhat liquid olefin contains is varied fight oxidation component can reasonable eliminate the oxygen freedom with needless body base, the component such as the vitaminic, aromatic material that additionally liquid olefin contains can keep the skin jade-like stone embellish, in addition the bacteria that the curb bacterium component that contains in liquid olefin can check and eliminates skin surface layer can drive skin rejuvenesce, make liquid olefin is raising Yan Meirong level to basically show extremely clear actual result then, be in a lot of protecting actually skin hairdressing commodity inside it is have liquid olefin put have. 5, method of simple and easy edibleThe edible method with liquid very simple olefin is to resemble bubble gum be being chewed euqally take (certain if clean environment is healthy liquid olefin) , chew final the mouth in sedimentary spit it is OK to come, also can make raw material cook cooked food with liquid olefin, for instance liquid olefin fries an egg (diminish inflammation stops ache, wait to stomach trouble, tracheitis, gastric ulcer Zuo aids remedial effect) , specific means is to take grain liquid olefin to be put in hot pot, after waiting for liquid olefin to be dissolved thoroughly, hit into unripe egg, the egg is fried ripe hind can remove boiler to take.

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