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[papaya still can eat painstakingly] – of disadvantage of _ influence _

If be the papaya of oneself choose and buy,having taste removing already a few have acrid, must not eat below this kind of state, because perfect the papaya flavour later above should not be acrid, just can feel a few sweet, eating a also is exceedingly delicate and goluptious, once discover flavour it is acrid need not be absorbed, if be to absorb the enteron that can cause oneself to give some not quite comfortable symptom expression, of probable meeting occurrence diarrhoea feel. Does 1 papaya become bitter to still can eatSuffering changes to be able to not eat again after papaya is perfect. It is sweet that perfect papaya eats a , very delicate and goluptious, if already perfect papaya eats a to have a kind of agonized taste, must not eat with respect to the proposal so, very possible papaya already mildew changed, the papaya that eats mildew to change gives the state of diarrhoea bellyacke very easily, if be unbaked papaya,suffer from a little, it is all normal states, can wait for papaya squashy eat again. The reason that 2 Chinese flowering quince suffer from Papaya cutPapaya is bitter, a lot of because grow in papaya,be the cut in development whole process is cortical. Construction of quality of a material of the flesh when development growing again after papaya is wounded produces change, because this is sufferred from. See papaya is cortical later have of a scratch, do not buy. Frowsty ripe papayaIf you are bought, is unripe next covering tightly is picked below the circumstance ripe papaya can be suffering, also having the papaya that was hit by frost also is bitter. You fall in the situation that buys papaya all the time had better be to choose cortical and clean, place it seems that not abnormal, did not have crowded injury, ripe well-balanced and bright, hold a gently very hard in belt the spot is soft, so show that papaya is ripe apropos. Although be not advocated,carry too unripe, also need not carry very ripe. Mature circumstance is insufficientAfter papaya is perfect flesh soft, meet very easily gouge, very unfavorable carry, consequently, cultivate door papaya is being picked in is unripe completely collect, did not have perfect till papaya, at the moment papaya is viridescence color completely, cui of classics of need all previous is ripe after this kind of papaya is bought, or it is to burn dish to eat, be being taken instantly i安徽建筑模板公司s to have agonized taste, vest in all regular state. Did not keep clear of cleanPapaya takes the flesh of papaya only, the need before taking in order to gets rid of its skin and the papaya seed inside, clear clean again can feed, if exocarp goes too thinly, get close to cuticular flesh can contain agonized ingredient, becaus建筑工程模板价格ACe agonized flavour component is contained in papaya exocarp, and papaya seed also contains agonized ingredient. 3 how to choose papaya1, see tonal choice papaya most distinguish mature case first, should choose tonal deeper yellow, flavour the meeting is relatively delicious, general surface layer is emerald word, it is immature, of course mouthfeel is not especially sweet. 2, see shading papaya a few more cortical of small shading is know sth thoroughly commonly, have meeting removing esp建筑模板价格ecial生产建筑模板厂家HFly sweet. But want advertent, a few too too know sth thoroughly papaya, meeting occurrence longitudinal rots, cortical also 建筑模板厂家直销can appear of spot mark, that is the designation that rots, want to be differentiated alertly. 3, cortical collagen fiber wants to choose cortical above the collagen thread that has sticky paste, that is candy gum, in that way papaya is general especially sweet. 4, flavour can be heard below the case that hears flavour to choose papaya oh, general ripe papaya, flavour very balmy, a kind of flavour did not get a word, confirm papaya is not know sth thoroughly still. If have,give out a stink to get a word, scarcely is bought surely, rot already inside possible papaya became moldy. 5, the base of a fruit seeing melon buys papaya not only should buy sweet buy new Zuo alertly even, can begin from papaya the base of a fruit commonly, if,papaya the base of a fruit looks a few emerald and new Zuo gets a word, papaya is to just was picked commonly before long, flavour of course Zuo is relatively delicate. Still can seeing papaya the base of a fruit is the excessive outside having ivory milk, the papaya of new Zuo , it is to have ivory milk, that is papaya glue. 6, the papaya with delicate choice of abdomen seeing melon, choose papaya abdomen with respect to need relatively bosomy papaya oh, what general abdomen rouses is it is mother melon, fleshy thick see

d is little. 7, with tactility common choice papaya is divided with olfactory vision effect, also want to use tactility, can press papaya abdomen gently with handle gently, if the hand can be pressed so that move papaya, and not be to collapse word, general papaya is squashy completely.

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