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[the effect of cordate houttuynia grain and action and edible method] – of benefit of _ advantage _

Cordate houttuynia root is the vegetable fruit that bears demur fully with a kind all the time, because be in the person look that likes to take cordate houttuynia root,will see cordate houttuynia root have other feed capable person cannot of analogy delicate and goluptious, but be aimed at the majority,the smelling of fish in cordate houttuynia root does not bear the person. Actually cordate houttuynia root also is the capable person of Chinese herbal medicine that in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine medicine learns the level one kind to often be applied, have the effect

of clear hot reduce internal heat to the body, the action that has润茂轩木业有限公司 a look at cordate houttuynia grain together now reachs his to have a way. One, can promote human body immunity forceCordate houttuynia root plant to various microbial bacterium all have the effect that checks certainly. Be like: Change of strep建筑胶合板SLtococcic to coccus of grape of yellow of the streptococcic infection of haemolysis sex, orange, flu, catarrh is bacili of Lan Yin sex, pneumonic streptococcic, coliform organisms, dysenteric bacili, typhoid bacillus is have restrain the effect significantly, still can raise leucocyte to devour lowly working ability, promotion blood cell separates element fully, have crucial real sense to affecting the cure of sexual disease. Be like: In cure chronic bronchitic when, the white blood cell that the element of cordate houttuynia root in grain content can promote a patient is small to ivory grape coccus devour working ability, hematic cell solves element to rise significantly fully, inflammation is obtained reduce. Cordate houttuynia grain as content of bane of curb bacterium, disease-resistant already in order to is clinical medicine is professional, use at enhancing power of human body immunity. Choose high quality to fold ear root to just can have the effect that enhances immune power, and decision-making are quality of the root that change side and a crucial essential factor of use value ispvc 建筑模板 工厂AM seeing its natural? The root that change side is natural the use value that cultivates than large quantities of quantities is some higher, purer also natural;2, clear hot reduce internal heat, advantageous micturitionEffect of drug of cordate houttuynia grain is much smaller cold, be apt to is antifebrile poison of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, fire, have the effect of clear hot reduce internal heat, all sorts of disease of sex of applicable infection sex, damp a如何销售建筑模板SGnd hot. In addition, it can expand capillary, promote hematic capacity and make water the metabolization in, have the effect of advantageous micturition then, also by in order to the micturition of urethral infection, acerbity painful wait for disease. 3, prevent electromagnetism radiateCordate houttuynia root prevents electromagnetism radiant working capability is very strong, it is the capable person of Chinese herbal medicine that only shoots explosion to choose can adamant give somebody a new lease on life in the nucleus. Apply this, medicine learns staff member disclosure, take cordate houttuynia grain radiation-proof to the body also is to have very big effect, and the poisonou高柱模板上市五年成功s side effect that has everything not easily. The effect of cordate houttuynia grain has above about a few kinds. When the function of a few levels of our human body gives issue, we can consult the effect of cordate houttuynia grain, look to apply cordate houttuynia grain to be able to be handled, then quick repair body and mind is healthy. Cordate houttuynia root can instantly bubble water is drunk, still can take with water simmer in water, if want cure grippe parotitis,get a word can instantly pound apply has practical effect very much to injury place.

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