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[the harm that milk egg eats together] _ feeds – of influence _ harm together

It is very mellow that bovine breast drinks taste removing sweet, a lot of nutrition elements still are contained in bovine breast, average person arrives drink pure milk usually, often drink pure milk to still can make the counteractive ability of human body a few taller, reduce go to the bad, also we often eat unripe egg, protein content is very high, below the case that takes breakfast commonly, often breeding with the ox eat together, 建筑模板生产基地BIbut some people say 彬国木业有限公司what eat together to milk egg is not OK, eating together have harm. The harm that milk egg eats together? After milk box gives birth to an egg to eat together, can not cause undesirable effect to health of body and mind, but do not suit to eat too much, the proposal is daily eat an egg to go only, in case pressure of aggravate stomach bowel. The ox after some people are developing mix up chronically is hit into the egg in breast, the food that is not health in that way is chronic, do not suggest consequently method of this kind of edible. Because the ox breeds medium is spent,be not worth tall, unripe egg is not OK and complete know sth thoroughly, method of this kind of edible may take the bacteria in the egg the body, not only not environmental sanitation is insalubrious still. Only it is not OK that the of breast of ox of have the aid of is spent the bacteria all eliminating, in that way edible method causes gastroenteritis very easily, and the albumen of the egg is digested not easily absorb, eat in that way and cannot raise part with compensatory and many battalion. Consequently, need not bovine breast develops an egg, unripe egg is only in know sth thoroughly hind eat, just can accomplish ensure nutrient composition accords with a country to set again namely. Food of corn, domestic animals, milk products and its fruit vegetable include in breakfast 4 one part gets a word, battalion nurturance branch is more all-around. What cannot the ox breeds and eat with1, bovine breast does

not suit and water fruit juice is fed togetherDrink of sex of soda acid of bovine breast vest in, make albumen very easily caky and agglomerate the assimilation that affects protein then is absorbed, reduce the nutrition of milk. It is very easy still that bovine breast and 建筑工地用的模板water fruit juice eat together diarrhoea giving , bellyacke is abdominal distension wait for disease. If want to drink pure milk already, want to drink fruit juice again, good span a hour. 2, bovine breast cannot is the same as with medicines and chemical reagents feedSome people are unaccustomed send medicine to come with warm boiled water, because this meeting chooses breast of fruit juice, drink, ox wait, this kind is to have completely by accident means. The breast that use an ox swallows medicines and chemical reagents, can reduce medicines and chemical reagents to be worth in the chroma in blood, effect effect, and some nutrient elements are brought in bovine breast meeting and the component generation effect in a few medicines and chemical reagents, make medicines and chemical reagents cannot be digested to absorb by gastric bowel, and even it is the medical effect that destroys medicines and chemical reagents. Take medicine around controls a hour to need not drink pure milk very much. 3, bovine breast does not suit with millet Shang Tong eatsBovine breast and little rice water eat together word, cause the drain of vitamin D very easily. Accordingly, raise a baby to answer to depart bovine breast and millet soup. 4, bovine breast cannot is the same as with wine drinkThe alcohol in wine has check human body is adipose air oxidizes, dissolve and drive human body adipose generated effect, make human body very easily adipose in liver save up is measured, adverse body and mind is healthy. And divide in milk products outside also having more calcium, still contain human body adipose, eat to make human body very easily adipose together with wine promote into the quantity to liver midstream. 5, bovine breast does not suit to be the same as with orange eatPure milk is drunk to 临沂市君利木业有限公司贸易部cause indigestion very easily after eating orange, give abdominal distension problem of bowel waiting for a stomach. The ox breeds medium albumen comes up against the salicylic acid in orange to be able to condense, the assimilation that affects protein is absorbed. Divide medicines and chemical reagents, wine to wait special abstain from breed with the ox outside commensal thing, the person of health of gastric bowel body and mind will be arrogant breast and other 工地建筑模板尺寸BIedibles nutrition create more serious report not easily commonly, but good Zuo is ought to nip in the bud. Additional, when drinking pure milk do not empty stomach.

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