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[egg of white sugar evaporate is no-no] – of note of _ of the _ method that make

White saccharic really unripe egg is in daily life Zuo is relatively general, the cure that but this kind feeds capable person,dry of lung of general in order to coughs, but be below the case that makes egg of white sugar evaporate, also be to a lot of need what advertent area need not follow suit blindly to take. Because have a few human body relatively delicate in health or be it is the patient that has diabetic medical record, if eat egg of white sugar evaporate to may give a few side-effect, of egg of evaporate of that Zuo white sugar is abstaining from what? 1. is banned take incorrect disease therapyEgg of white sugar evaporate treats cough only applicable lung dry coughs, because heat of wind of symptoms caused by cold factors, chill, hot weather is wet,be aimed at no matter use,wait for cough symptom, the Chinese traditional medicine that advisory technology major wants first before applying consequently material doctor, the symptom that treats itself is cough of dry of vest in lung, if not be symptom of lobar dry cough,basically behave, should avoid is used. 2. avoid diabetic is takenThe need in egg of white sugar evaporate is put into proper Bai Sha candy, an建筑模板有哪些品种d the candy share in Bai Sha candy is higher, the lets a diabetic very easily blood sugar value after taking is in short-term inside inside had lifted fast, because so that control the state of illness of diabetic candy patient,develop a tendency, prevent blood sugar to lift, should eat less or do not take candy, the proposal is aimed at the cough of the diabetic, can change other relieve a cough folk prescription. Aller建筑 模板价格BKgic group takes 3. avoid proteinIn addition the protein that rich and colorful still contains in egg of white sugar 建筑施工模板安全技术规范KOevaporate, one part group takes skin allergy to albumen, also should ban eat, prevent occurrence skin Sao urticant, strut, bellyacke, disgusting keck, vomiting, diarrhoea, asthmatic, heartbeat passes to wait for the skin quickly allergic state. Allergic to protein group still should ban shrimp having a river kind, food of milk products, legum

e feed capable person. 4. avoid is put cool takeIn order to relieves a cough egg of expectorant white sugar evaporate should take the advantage of heat to eat, can not eat after air is cool, otherwise efficacy 山东森鹏木业有限公司of a drug can suffer an effect, what should not eat iciness is in additionally inside cough period feed capable person, if drive what eat not as good as, should add once more lu建筑用模板价格kewarm hind eat, add white sugar steam again still can continue to have after the egg became cold sweet smelling of fish, after taking very easy excitant stomach bowel, make a person queasy and disgusting, consequently white sugar cannot be taken after evaporate egg became cool. 5. avoid huddles foodEgg of white sugar evaporate treats cough, the food that amid asks is Bai Sha candy and unripe egg only, if be put into other raw material to may be brought about,take invalidation or aggravate patient’s condition, wanting especially advertent is cannot be old brown sugar with changing Bai Sha candy, as a result of lukewarm sex of old brown sugar, white saccharic sex is lukewarm, both coughs to treating, it is in order to different phyletic cough treats, not OK treat as the same, tear open casually change.

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