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[what reason is sugarcoated haws on a stick sticks a tooth? ] _ sticks – of dental _ origin

Rock candy calabash has traditional definition relatively in our country, rock candy calabash is old little Xian Yi, rock candy calabash is made with candy by hawkthorn fruit, rock candy calabash can be good at lienal appetizing increase appetite, hawkthorn fruit can complement the body is vitaminic wait for action, rock candy calabash eats ache slightly removing a lot of basin friend are doted on eat. A lot of basin friend do sugarcoated haws on a stick to be tasted relatively stick a tooth, eat a in that way big to dental aperture, candy sticking a tooth lets tooth eat by moth very easily drop, is putting sugarcoated haws on a stick on the ice to stick a tooth what reason? One. Is putting sugarcoated haws on a stick on the ice to stick a tooth what reason? The actor bad of taste of rock candy calabash is important depend on boiling candy ripe宿迁建筑模板公司 spend hold on, candy when tine of fragile, lip leaves the Gan Tiansong of rock candy calabash that best circumstance does sweet, if boil candy ripe spend calabash of insufficient rock candy to be able to stick a

tooth, harden if; boils candy ripe degree change the since engorge can have acrid. Candy when best circumstance is a very short time limits, can hold this for a short while limits is to do well a level with rock candy the most important calabash. 2. Practice of sugarcoated haws on a stickWater and candy are to have occupy certainly those who compare, it is old candy adds water 3 jins every 1.5 jins commonly, new candy adds water 3 jins every 1.4 jins, occupy by thi临沂市山德建筑模板厂s than derivation. Do should clean pan attentively clean before, add white sugar first subsequently, press add of every 3 jins of white sugar again 50—Of 100 grams take older than adding rock candy, turn on the water finally. When turning on the water, want to use spoon agitate candy to turn on the water at the same time at the same time. Adept later beardless every time says to weigh, it is OK that common practice falls into candy for Shui Gang. Add gun of full water reopen to boil candy, answer to use agitate of boiler of spoon edge bottom continuously at this m水利工程建筑模板oment, in order to avoid candy sticky boiler, come to stop agitate to the horse when be being burned inside boiler, add subsequently special model antiseptic, reoccupy steel wire brushs edge of boiler of the edge that touch water to wipe建筑工地用模板AX the candy foam of stick together, spoon is used after stopping more than 10 minutes a bit tonal deeper white foam fish out comes, end real operation thoroughly at this moment, what advertent view checks candy is ripe degree. Below the case that opens with water below the circumstance that candy just boiled same, it is merely in the middle of boiler the area between risks very big wave, all the time candy when the blister in boiler is relatively well-balanced show water portion is about to boil did, wait for candy appreciably to become yellow, and can nose a distinct fragrance, show candy has been boiled already. Boiling candy to should be begun several times to final link in the light of the novice try candy, means is to use bamboo prod to dip in in boiler a bit candy, in dripping candy into cold water, if can hear longitudinal put-put, show candy has been boiled already namely. Or it is to use bamboo prod to dip in blend twice in cold water quickly after candy, wait for in be being put into the mouth after candy is cool, bite, if sound is clear noisy and do not stick a tooth, also show candy already had been boiled, should move ammunition quickly at this moment least, in just can beginning rock candy calabash to make nowadays final a technological process: Dip in candy. Skill wants fast and want scald of safe clew caution. Outside dipping in first, stick kind dip in next chocolate of fruit sort, with filling kind, omnibus钢模厂家, sesame seed of final Sa Jinbai shoots blend, wait for candy to become rarer, ju Baizhi hemp is spread all over in candy well-balanced when can dip in of fruit of hawkthorn of former juice raw ingredient. 3. AdvertentDipping in in candy whole process, if candy is spent,decrease when becoming stiff, often shoot bake make, write down sincerely cannot warm up too much prevent Ao candy too over- , taste has acrid.

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