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Work so that take more to get little appearance to be commented on even female employee considers to sue Gu Ge

Many 60 on-the-job at the United States with Ceng Ren duty the female employee of cereal song company is considering to mention to Gu Ge collective lawsuit, point to identify latter sexual distinction to discriminate against and g深圳建筑模板公司ive a female unfair treatment.

England ” defend a newspaper ” the word of uncle case of Sifen of Mu of Zhan of lawyer of 8建筑木方模板回收 days of cite reports, his party thinks, the male staff that they compare coequal condition and position in Gu Ge’s income is small, the company culture that has hostility to the female makes the female employee profession development in Gu Ge more hard.

Fragrance uncle division says, many 60 female is in he was found in succession in 3 weeks in the past, among them about the person at present of the half still holds a post in Gu Ge. Among the female that has left her post in odd half, more than 10 people consider as the element that sexual distinction discriminates against to make them decide to leave Gu Ge.

Female tall canal tells the Gu Ge that a not long ago just left his post ” defend a newspaper ” reporter, she hears of for 宿迁建筑模板公司many times, the income of male work in the same placing that is the same as level with her counts a dollar higher than her. In her group, still had appeared the case with high

er than her income of a male subordinate. The user before another Gu Ge experiences stylist complains, she often hears male colleague to judge a head to talk

to her appearance sufficient, although the job works well, she can look at the male colleague beside to附近哪有建筑模板卖 rise job quickly only however.

To the collective suit that faces possibly, a spokesman refuses Gu Ge buy is judged.

60 people are very small sample size really, this spokesm工程建筑模板厂an says, (company) the pay of employee is decided according to workplace, task and expression, but have nothing to do with sexual distinction.

The data that publishs recently according to Gu Ge, company of technology of this United States the employee of 69 % is the male; Sheet works with respect to the technology and character, male place occupies scale to be as high as 80 % . Official of American Ministry of Labour ever pointed to song identifying cereal to be put generally on firewood fulfil in discrimination female phenomenon this year in April, deny by latter.

Gu Ge an internal document last week by media exposure, cause controversy. This memorandum建筑工地模板AV is written, causing doma建筑模板的价格AQin of science and technology to lead the account of imparity of scale of layer sexual distinction is difference of physiology of male and female. This one viewpoint causes heat to discuss in cereal song interior not only, return aggravate outside to be mixed about discrimination of hi-tech enterprise sex treatment of m建筑组合模板BOale and female is unfair the discussion that waits for a problem, bring about cereal song high level to appear personally hastily put out a fire, fried the engineer that writes down this internal document.

Outside dividing Gu Ge, the United States is not little hi-tech enterprise exposes to the sun again and again in recent years a sexual discrimination, sex is annoyed and firewood fulfil treatment is unfair wait for scandal. Gu Ge (this ki

nd of circumstance) in Silicon Valley either alone, fragrance uncle division says, litigant purpose depends on letting Gu Ge make a change not just, also be to want to make Silicon Valley other company transforms they pay the way that go up in firewood fulfil. (Hou grand rich) [Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially]

Original title: Work so that take more to get little appearance to be commented on even f建筑腹膜板公司emale employee considers to sue editor of cereal so合肥建筑模板ng responsibility: Ceng Shaolin

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