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Iraqi army beats dead many 170 ” Mohammedan country ” armed element

Bagdad of Xinhua News Agency on August 6 report (friend of Cheng Shu

ai of reporter Wei Yudong) Iraqi army announces 6 days, in a series of air attack operations that latter army visits in upper Salaheding, eliminate many 170 extreme to organize Mohammedan state armed member.

Iraqi department of defense says in a statement, the army employs a gunship to save工程覆膜板 Sheerjiate to press down southwest ministry to carry out air attack for many time山东鑫荣泰建筑模板材料有限公司s to Salaheding, smash 8 Mohammedan states foothold, kill many 1

70 armed member.

The town is located in Sheerjiate Bagdad makes an appointment with 280 kilometer to be in with north, the Tigris is its cent the thing two parts, obtained in September 2016 western liberate, the eastpart part still is con

trolled by Mohammedan country at混凝土模板价格 present. Armed element often crosses Tigris Xiang Xian to undertake permeate and be destructived.


On July 10, masuer is obtained liberate in the round. But 广西建筑模板厂AOin the Ni Ni of Iraqi north province, Sa pulls small province, Jierkuke 建筑模板价格zone of border of He Ding province and Yi appraise, mohammedan country armeds forc沂源长兴木业e to still dominating a few town建筑模板帮价格. Iraqi government army planning to launch attack to these areas at present.

Original title: Iraqi army beats dead many 170 “买建筑模板 Mohammedan country ” armed element responsibility ed海子建筑模板its: Ceng Shaolin

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