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Beautiful empress is chosen to pretend to suffer from leukaemia diddle before the United States money of 90 thousand raise donations (graph)

Login is beautiful empress chosen to pretend to suffer from leukaemia diddle before registering United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austr建筑专用模板AAal Fujian money of 90 thousand raise donations (gra常用建筑昆明建筑模板公司模板ph) origin: ? Discharge  A sunshine?2015-12-31 14:5Edition of elec富鹏木业有限公司tron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Be 23 years old before Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates of Miss Faniya is in American guest evening to pretended he suffers from in March 2013 went up chronic lymphocyte leukaemia, she at that time still is a student still asks friend and family drive send her to go to a hospital go to a doctor, next herself takes the advantage of a person unprepared escaped secretly, leave unwitting family friend to wait for her in the hosp建筑模板厂家价格表ital, this is first-class often can wait on 7, 8 hours.

Data chart

Data chart

Th建筑模板价格SFe compassion for diddle more person and aid financially, brandi Lee still gives him shave bareheaded单侧模支撑供应厂家RF, mockingly friend and family. She still released her bareheaded to illuminate on Facebook, she in the photograph still is being taken medical guaze mask, it seems that very picture so return a responsibility. In that paragraph of time that the distance is not arrested, she still is collecting herself extensively a cancered data, introduce what publish on newspaper phonily to concern this kind of cancer to family friend interview a data. The family member friends that love her initiated a raise donations for her, the total amount of earning money has 10 thousand 4 1000 dollars (about 90 thousand RMB) .

After that police is in receive faceless after informing against, began to investigate this matter, the person that inform against says Brandi Lee does not say to give the name of person of the any in him doctor in charge of a case at all, suspect she is in kite

. Police gets involved discover after investigation, the hospital that Brandi Lee sees a doctor does not have her anamnesis record at all. At present Brandi Lee is suspected of bilk and be locked up, bail cost needs 150 thousand dollar. The Brandi Lee that engineers this fraud meticulously may not think of, the bails cost is cheated than her Qianduode after oneself are caught is much.

Brandi Lee expresses, the part with this the hardest fraud should cheat his parents namely, to parents, the daughter contracts caNMSS-2020海子木业ncer is very dread affection, they very fear to be able to lose a daughter, brandi Lee needs to let par

ents face all these, it is her rai福建建筑模板公司se money again.

And what your person feels acid is, brandi Lee still is in an aspire works at helping the disabled’s farm. After Brandi Lee is arrested, choose the United States to sponsor just called in the title that her American international young lady chooses beautiful champion, ask Brandi Lee remands imperial crown and ribbon.


nal title: Beautiful empress is chosen to pretend to suffer from cancerous diddle before the United States money of 90 thousand raise donations (group plan) )

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