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Aobama decides case of sexual California pop to encourage the people not to succumb for horrible assault

Local time on December 6 20 when, american president Aobama is in infrequently elliptic office publishs the White House televised speech of whole nation of gold period of time. In the speech, aobama first shellfish of California city emperor Na Dinuo county is large-scale pop case is qualitative make a surprise attack for horror. Aobama returns oath United States to will destroy Mohammedan country to be organized extremely, appeal congress accredit carries out martial blow to Mohammedan country.

Aob建筑木模板厂ASama says, since 9 11 incident, the United States腹膜模板DF is in all the time fight with terrorist. Current, the FBI still is continueing to investigate the California pop case that produces several days ago, but a fact has made clear: People of 14 innocent United States is reached by the accomplice of terrorist carnage of its wife place. These two murderers were on the dark way that changes extremely, hold a kind by screwy Mohammedan belief, namely the Islamite should reach western world make war to the United States. Aobama says, corner of this two people a lot of offensive weapons, ammo and tubal shape bomb, their kill act is to be aimed at behavior of innocent civilian horror.

Aobama expresses, came a few years in the past, terroristic menace already gradual progress comes to develop level newly, start from conspire complex mutiple level attack, change a plan to large-scale shoot dead 建筑模板配方AUthis kind of simpler violent act. And incident of this kind of shoot dead comparatives in American society common, the Hu Debao 2009 is shoot dead case, some earlier this year the Chadanujia of moment slaughters shoot dead case belongs to this incident, Shengbeinadinuo装配式建筑模板 this kind. He says, mohammedan country is mixed in Iraqi war rise abruptly in the disorder of Syrian civil war, internet also is in the distance between efface country, the effort of thinking of people of horrible organization harm also is being increased, the person that Bostonian marathon horror assaults the explosion of the case and Shengbeinadinuo fear raiding the gunman

of the case, it is paradigmatic.

In the speech, aobama reiterated to the policy framework of Mohammedan country is hit before this, include: Continue to increase air attack strength, with flower, the effort that the allied country such as law, heart smashs Mohammedan state quickly; Continue to be armament of the Iraq of tens of thousands

of and Syria to supply training and equipment, expedite more special type to 山东大发木业有限公司fight to two countries officers and soldiers; The 附近哪有哪些建筑模板厂channel of armed element of the financing source that continues hard to cut off Mohammedan country and recruit foreign country, frustrate its any horror assault conspire; With international society together, push the cease-fire that ends Syrian civil war and political solution.

Aobama says, he already indicated American land how to examine Shengbeinadinuo to fear raiding terrorist of the female in the case to enter visa order of the United States entirely. 施工工程建筑模板ABHe appeals, united States Congress should accredit undertakes to Mohammedan country the military affairs is hit, the person that goes up with ensuring those ban flying list through legislation cannot buy firearms, make buy powerful assault sex weapon to become more difficult.

Aobama emphasizes at the same time, the United States should avoid to be in once more Iraq or Syrian be involved in the ground war with a long-term, huge cost, also must avoid to hit terroristic effort to be 山东顺达木业有限公司depicted currently an United States and Mohammedan the war between, otherwise solicit comments became medium the one’s heart’s desir工程木模板AJe of Mohammedan c

ountry. Terrorist does not represent Mohammedan state Mohammedan. Thug and murderer are the member of dead evil cult.

Aobama says, coming from terroristic menace is true, but American people should not bend to fear. He believes firmly the United States will win final victory.

2010, to announce the end is in Iraqi battle acts, leak to answer Mexican bay oily accident, aobama ever had published this kind of address twice. This is one of national televised speech that Aobama assumes office nearly 7 years to undertake, highli木工模板厂家ghted him war, right to fearing instead the height of Mohammedan country, safe to American mainland menace takes seriously. This also is the blow that he explains to its suffer criticism to American people Mohammedan country newest effort of the strategy.

Our newspaper Washington on December 7 report (origin: Chinese youth signs up for)

(original title: Aobama California pop case qualitative raid to fear)

Outspread read: Aobama is published fear policy speech saying the United States will destroy IS thoroughly instead (pursue) Aobama today ” is qualitative case of ” California pop avoids talk about word of ” terrorist ” Aobama publishs infrequent and important speech to say to will be destroyed thoroughly

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