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Two military plan are close to Russia immediately of beautiful opportunity for combat of beautiful aircraft carrier enters the space hang play companion to fly

According to the BBC (BBC)10 month 30 reports, american navy makes a statement say, two Russia pursue – 142 long-range and maritime patrol machine fly in the sky face aircraft carrier of the radical sign in the United States. Beautiful navy dispatchs battleplan companion flies. Final safety flies to Russian opportunity for combat from.

Beautiful navy expresses in statement of 29 days, li of radical sign aircraft carrier that be subordinate to belongs to the 7th fleet of American at be in 27 days morning the Pacific Ocean maritime space to the south of Korea peninsula participates in beautiful Han the joint military exercise. In practice procedure, t临沂市建筑模板尺寸规格BQ君利木业有限公司贸易部wo

Russia pursue – 142 long-range and marit板材覆膜是什么意思ADime patrol machine, enter li of radical sign aircraft carrier in order to make an appointment with 152 meters height the area of le

ss than of 1 sea mile.

After discovering a cause, the frigate of radical sign aircraft carrier tries to get in touch to it through radio signal in, but did not get a response. Beautiful naval immediately dispatchs battleplan of 4pc木工模板是什么材质KJ F/A-18 bumblebee is hanged play companion to fly. Military plan is in Russia flies after leaving li of radical sign aircraft carrier, naval全州模板 vessel of an U.S. Army still followed Russian military plan is apart from one paragraph.

The United States is naval Musimakesi expresses Williams of spokesman of 临沂市古城木材市场the 7th fleet, this kind of circumstance is not happen first, u.S. Army machine flies according to companion of operating rules whole journey. He says, whole companion flying process is safe.

According to the report, the Reagan when the accident aircraft carrier is in date international maritime space, beautifu建筑模用的模板多少钱l army states the United States does not object Russia using international airspace and maritime space, but should observe 源森木业有限公司international norm.

It is reported, graph – 142 planes are before Russia is in graph – what change his costume or dress on foundation of 95 strategies bomber is maritime patrol machin

e, this machine besides what carry out P-3C of similar U.S. Army maritime patrol the task, also be the electronic scout platform with ma建筑模板市场价格in Russia. [round-the-world net reports report正乔木业有限公司er Han Mei]

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