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Russia is occupational soldier of Berlin reward a victorious army: Briefs of woman of enemy state property (graph)

Login register Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian soldier of occupational Berlin reward a victorious army生产胶合板厂LP: Briefs of woman of enemy state property (graph) origin: ? Heir Lian?2015-10-28 10:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The Su Jun in World War II is a martial division that can sign war of be apt to undoubtedly. So whether are its soldiers also had and to whether are its soldiers also had and liberate the civilization that complete mankind ideal gets used to and goodness? After be being conquered by them eventually when the adversary that once brought huge loss and sacrifice to them, the civilian that how treat a vanquished nation are they? Su Dezhan is contended for is the battle that Russia fights Nazi Germany and its Europe allied country during the Second World War, time begins from June 22, 1941 Russia razziaed in May 1945 till German capital Berlin.

German respect, total casu是什么建筑模板alties of Germany of World War II 6 million. The German soldier in the war dies to have 4 million about before surrendering

Be in war with afterwar a long time in, russia stems from openly conduct propaganda and the need that uphold leader authority, the figure that announce often has false. Revolutionary section Si Dalin published an address in October 1941, announce 4 months come to Su Jun battle in all loss 175 much people (dead 350 thousand person, injure 1.03 million person, be missing) of 370 thousand person, killed and wound 4.5 million heart army.

No matter be peacetime or warlike period, army is highest armed strength method. Army needs military discipline, it is to should assure fighting capacity above all, it is to want a tie to destroy force next. The Su Jun of later period of World War II is mixed in fighting capacity destroyed force to reach a peak, so that German people all without exception talks about Russian color,change.

The Chinese once also was very complex to the feeling of Su Jun’s soldier. Be in in during Su You is good, a series of the good form that feature film of Russia World War II developed Su Jun’s soldier to us: Battle of brave, doughty, be apt to, honest, justice. And in the reality in World War II, be like,the Chinese also saw powerful Su Jun is why the crumple up of situation with one action of as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood east of Shanhaiguan of 1 million Japan army.

But, the person that faces up to the history also cannot another kind of expression of evasive Su Jun’s soldier: Excessive drinking make trouble, rob woman of civilian, rape. In September 1945, team of the eastpart part of look forward to enters the first batch of the Eight Route Army that give coop to be stationed in northeast after Shenyang, the task that encounters above all handles the Su Jun that civilian complains in great quantities to rob incident namely, so that my army must order a requirement that raises earnest discipline to Su Jun politics. Of the same age in December, the Ludongsheng that just is appointed to be deputy commander of loose river military region by the Central Committee of Communist Party of China is in those who encounter Su Jun’s soldier to rob when be shot to beat dead by the other side actually. Cling to Su Jun ever evaluated so in the general letter in the wife that gives him suddenly: Have a flock of a disorderly band of rigid discipline.

Battlefield discipline of Su Jun is very strict. Be in two army when be at war, the army is same to violating the person that make pull out mow directly with machine gun. But in fight besides the action, su Jun’s military discipline is however when close Shi Song. To an army with integral poorer artistic appreciation, what discipline restrains is nominal the arbitrary Hu Wei that brings about large area extremely easily flabbily, when this army faces hostile nation civilian accession especially such. Musical instrument is in the because of holding different political view Suoerrenni that is crossed by Russia reform of criminals through labour and banish for a time company commander of artillerist of Su Jun senior captain ever held the post of when World War II. The habit that dare speak let him become to dare infrequently bespatter Sujun’s honorary alien is veteran. The force that he has described him so when memory war experiences is in enter Dong Pulu person the scene when: Soldiers ground of strive to be the first covers the underwear of German woman on him body, lively resemble the market that is a disorder. Because somebody is outer of the garment outside covered too much briefs and move hard. Tank forces people booty the cabin inside replete tank, strange is they still can cross narrow barbette to sit unexpectedly inside go. The admire of fellow sufferer division in period of battalion of reform of criminals through labour lists Ren Niqin of all alone Er the husband ever also had attended revive, heart war. A fact that Rangkepeiliefu accepts hard is: The soldier can allow every months to go to unexpectedly in army one is returned in the home 5 kilograms of heavy postal parcel, this alludes a soldier together namely simply civilian is robbed in OK and occupational area concessionary announcement. Kepeiliefu believes, be the foray action that such regulation spurred soldiers forthrightly.

Particularly funny is, general officer people pay is double and favourable, can mail every months twice in the home before each such postal parcel, and of generals mail the number is unlimited. Kepeiliefu ever was him very helplessly the boss that in White Russia army and government of the 2nd respect manages a department mailed in past home a pair of purifi清水模板catory woodcut, aerbuleite of famous woodcut home loses the Germany of the period of renaissance of Europe of out of work of art that then secondary value does not poor 3 respects reason caused domestic hand Su Jun destroys German civilian behavior: The army ruffian act with culture and moral low level, avenge psychology to what De Jun commits crime in Russia, what military commander violates age act to go up in certain level to soldier aberrance is indulgent. Among them the 3rd reason is most main. Those who do not have a high level is indulgent, this is in severe canal to accuse the army under to be in impossibly at all the disorder after entering enemy state is planted to this degree. When Berlin armistice the emeritus old person that still is a child pulls He Man to tell me, muscovite begins to become truly custom rises is in armistice after 3 months. Historical data also confirmed this kind of view.

German army is comprehensive the time of disarm was on May 8, 1945, after this is in the instruction make known to lower levels that Su Jun has tie soldier to indulge behavior now and then in departmental team, but truly comprehensive and effective purge military discipline is however only then at be stationed in De Sujun commander-in-chief marshal is in Zhukefu army compasses will command the purge of make known to lower levels on August 3. This command points out: These behavior (note: Mean force of loot, person and shameful episode) the figure in making we turn over fascist eye in Germany is damaged, below the case that has ended in the war especially, can help a fascist initiate the athletic this shows that fights Red Army and Russia government, defend honor and preventing revolt is the two big reasons that Zhu Kefu marshal is determined to govern military discipline. But is was this at 2 o’clock before this not important? what didn’t Su Jun high level understand soldiers to be done to German civilian before this? The answer is negative. the Hu Wei that Su Jun can produce unbridled inside big range, acquiescing of the high level for a time is only explanation. Zong Bing 3 days, officers and men in order to provide dinner for, the practice of the division of this kind of victory in the mankind on warlike history not infrequent, just apolaustic behavior of Su Jun is a few longer.

When the old person of spy of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces that interviews Berlin, what I had visited his home seriously is small alone building, the reason is the Su Jun that there once was a class after the war ends the soldier has lived in this Xiaolou. Xiaolou has 3, first floor is kitchen and dining-room, 2 buildings are the sitting room adds a study, 3 buildings are a bedroom. In those days, then a flock of Muscovite live upstair, family of spy of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces lives in 3 buildings.

The name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces says especially: Share a common soldier o建筑模板有哪些品种f 9 Su Jun and monitor of a corporal to live in me at that time, having among them is the wounded, on the sofa that lies in the sitting room every day. That monitor a person sleeps in the study of upstair. After the battle of Berlin ends, soldier of a lot of Russia lives in German common people in the home. They are not willing to go to old building, feel resident is too much and bad to control, like our home most such alone Hu Xiaolou. In those days, the Muscovite with whose home what kind of occupy, landlord does not have option, the lot that sees oneself completely. The neighbour of my home is luckier, occupy went a major carries soldier of a duty, two people not make trouble, very quiet also. But our home is hapless in the extreme, one fellow occupy came to 10 to common soldier, still have wounded soldier among them.

When this group of Muscovite just moved in, nearly of my elder brother is caught by them handled. Elder brother 22 years old at that time, the German man of this age is returned when the war ends can not incomplete does not hurt the ground to stay in the home is very difficult imagination. Muscovite is certain he is German arms, must take away him. The elder brother defends oneself say oneself are modern drama actor, muscovite is understood not, still want to bind him, last elder brother remembered an artist suddenly (Art

ist) this word. That corporal monitor was understood, showed the trace of a few minutes of admire, but he still cannot believe completely, let my elder brother play a piano listens to them then. The piano level of my elder brother is 3 times stronger than me! You think, my piano level at that time can have been performed into Berlin broadcasting station, is he poor? He played dance music of an United States, it is him in prewar society. His identity believed firmly after Muscovite listens. This he is occupied did, corporal monitor commands he plays piano to that wounded soldier, do not have a command to cannot stop. Such, the piano with him performs the elder brother to bring gift to continuously wounded soldier of that big mustache amounts to 4 hours, he often says with others later, this is him piano that this plays the longliest all one’s life.

Su Jun rapes a woman everywhere in Berlin whole town in those days, the old grandma that arrives many years old 70 from little girl of many years old 10 is not let off. My mom at that time have been old lady of 52 years old, but face these 10 Russian soldier in the home, she also must want to have the plan of the perfect that protects her. What means is what can you imagine s云南建筑模板公司he is adopted? She dresses up herself into raunchy, grumpy, be in forever vixenish old housewife. Do you see me is that manual carven of a 2 buildings sitting room old ambry? Once, su Jun’s mess cook puts a full food boiling water on the top of ambry, the grease that excessive comes out dripped one cabinet. How do you guess my昌乐县永泰建筑模板厂 mom to do? Her hold tight lives that mess cook is scolded, did not stop the mouth afternoon. Such eventful is the granny that tangles hard very easy let those Russian boys associate rise to arrive to be in all the time greatly as a child him certainly does native place grow? The for fear that that to such grandma they avoid not as good as, to its generation sex asks more do not talk to go up. The method of protection of this one ego of my mom is very successful.

But the trouble is not to do not have. Muscovite occupy my home after a month, one day a soldier says to my elder brother with the German that just learns: You, go looking for a girl. Appa

rent, he thinks elder brother with the identity of his actor sure meeting and very much girl interact. The brother says建筑模板支撑 he does not meet what girl, su Bing pats pat a gun to say: Go searching! After the elder brother goes out, dare not come back again, he hid to the U.S. Army to take-over all the time in friend home the area of husband of calm wave a person of extraordinary powers that we live. 临沂开阔模板有限公司Press the agreement of 4 great victorious nations, berlin by 4 countries condominium, our home this area was delimited enter an U.S. Army administer limits. American also not very is civilized, but it is literate army after all, military discipline is close friends more than Su Jun. They do not live in citizen home, live in airport of husband of calm wave a person of extraordinary powers however.

Speak of Su Jun be when the military discipline cir山东鑫荣泰建筑模板材料有限公司cumstance of Berlin, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces tells me especially: Muscovite disobeys military discipline is not individual phenomenon, however action of a group. The thing that they like to grab

most is watch, because heart national champion expresses Oriental to these coming from poverty-stricken farming before is really for herdsman the luxury that can arrive in the visibility in the dream only. My saw with one’s own eyes has seen Russia commons soldier there are more than 10 watches on the arm of one person. They call watch is Wu Li.

When the first time of the old lady that stride Er that beauty of the wave before showing wheat to overcome Lun Bao plays Ni Yazhou faces Su Jun’s soldier year only 20 years old, be follow in her a flock of refugees go up to the road that absconds on the west from carry on of Lv of home town cloth.

She recollects: The first batch of Su Jun of the team that overtakes us are tank forces, these soldiers hold out rich the milk of human kindness. They tell us to want as soon as possible to hide, follow建筑模板厂商SL up units may is opposite we are adverse, next they leave a few biscuit to continue to advance. Very fast, we are mixed from the back dogface encountered the Su Jun of follow-up. Those soldiers come from Russia on the west inferior area, face has the feature of person of Oriental the yellow race. They develop the team of the refugee, begin foray belongings. Our headgear should be picked, leather boots should be taken off, the most welcome still is watch, must hand over entirely. After the dim light of night arrives, rape behavior begins to spread, be a woman everywhere cry call. A Su Jun that wears pelisse politics appoint the person of about attacks to me, be blocked by my father. As a result one fist destroyed that weapon two front tooth of father

Continueing on the route that takes on the west, in a steady stream hurries to the Su Jun from the back ceaselessly. Su Jun cut stayed in covey newcome us, command the men and women stands in two place respectively, say to want to put to death inside a few minutes all people. See the Muscovite of an expert gun raves suddenly next: Wu Li, 3 Wu Li. What he says is watch. Everybody understood immediately, can help now have watch only. But right now most person already by foray one sky, also do not have watch again. At this moment, I drew out the gold that hides in underwear all the time together to express gently, then somebody gave the 2nd, the 3rd. Muscovite collect saw those 3 watch again and again together very long, patting shoulder each other next, resemble the child with joy same

The thing about watch of foray of Su Jun’s soldier, the markeddest exposure just appears in the place that should appear least of all. The main party of this paragraph of romaunt is Su Jun illustrious during World War II follow famously army press photographer Xiefugenni. Haerjieyi. He follows counterattacking main forces arrives from Muscovite Chengxiayizhi Berlin, filmed a lot of by the world accepted for photograph of classical World War II, among them the scene that a piece of the famousest picture showed Su Jun’s soldier to make standard of Su Jun battle on top of Caesarean edifice building. To that film process, he has made special characterization in afterwar memoir. Roughly the situation is as follows:

On May 2, 1949, the battle of Berlin ended thoroughly. Russia TASS is followed army before press photographer Haerjieyi came to the Caesarean edifice that just is captured. Looking at this 1000 sore the symbolistic building of the Nazi Germany of 100 aperture, he breaks out inspiration, the decision films one piece has the picture of epoch-making history sense. He is entered everywhere rubble, sending out everywhere the edifice of anxious burnt odour, in the ground floor of the building he found 3 soldiers, put forward to want to ask their collaboration to film a piece of historic victory photograph. 3 soldiers agree willingly, they carry on the arm went up weapon, seek the battle standard with bright red one side again, next be accompanying breathed out Er nimble Yi to climb Caesarean edifice architectural to carry a gazebo on the head together. Having choosinging after taking phasic place, the station of Ha Erjie Yi to those 3 soldiers did elaborate design one time with the movement, patted at a heat next full 36 pieces of photographs, rinse after coming out, he is singled out among them one the most satisfactory piece is announced external. This piece of photograph in banner of victory of the brandish on Caesarean edifice is in after Russia is ascended on big media each, caused global sensation instantly, it becomes as a result finally the has indicative sense most classic history scene of Germany of Russia conquer Nazi.

Of a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is, there also was attentive person to discover a problem while the photograph causes sensation: In the graph that is lifting both hands to prop up the officer of the soldier that make a standard to go up to wearing a watch each in two tactics unexpectedly. This is honest to with robbing German dweller watch famed Su Jun it is an extremely awkward camera lens that wear a band.

Haerjieyi says: I received the order of a modification photograph. That officer that people sees after has a watch on left hand only. The more what one tries to hide. If be not revised, su Jun is OK originally become a few explanations to that piece of first picture. E.g. : The right hand of officer is worn is not watch, however Yun Yun of compass of for military use

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