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Disaster of French severe loaded vehicle sends president of 43 people death to will be attended grieve over ceremony

The intermediary outside occupying reports 24 days, french president Aolangde will建筑木胶板 be attended 27 days grieve over t山东富贵荣华木业有限公司he ceremony of victim of accident 工程模板厂家TRof this country south 潍坊鑫源板业traffic, this the accident causes 43 people death.

23 days, a bus saves benefit especially in French Ji Lun Boer slow city nearby with 苏州建筑模板公司van head on barge against, after this two cars on fire.

T仁和木业建筑模板厂here is a report to say be广西十大建筑模板fore this, traffic accident victim is the old people of this province fo潍坊盛泰木业r the most part, they are大模板工程指什么 members of club of С Lub Du Petit Palaisien, one big early t

ake a bu

s to set out visit.

Show according to newest data, traffic accident causes 43 people death.

At present the accurate circumstance of incident had be notted find out, know bus dr高层建筑专用模板iver cannot avoid the van barge against that goes up in the road

with the horizontal stroke at that time only.

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