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3 tourists of conflict China rise to be asked to give a plane on Kampuchea airliner (graph)

Login register Kampuchea of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does conflict China rise on the airliner are 3 tourists asked to give a plane (graph) origin: ? ?2015-10-21 09:4 of what avoid paralysisEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ cha


Yesterday (on October 20) before dawn, ms. Zhang comes back from Kampuchea travel, breathe out repeatedly humiliating, a few people that are the same as an airliner produced i建筑模板尺寸国标ssue because of a bit bagatelle, was asked to leave a plane by pilot finally, airliner also because of this incur loss through delay a hour.

Tourist aboard produces issue, inside engine room for a time confused.

Latest news shows, travel agent already undertook to tourism bureau and frontier defence the circumstance is reported respectively. Travel agent controller expresses, person much hard to avoid has tiny attrition, more need a tourist to notice civilized travel. He hopes such thing is not recurrent.

Former on October 19 late the Kampuchea that from Kampuchea Xian bead the International Airport takes off K6989 of airliner of Wu Ge aviation fails 工地建筑模板尺寸BIpunctual take off, passenger Shi Mou, Gao Mou, Yuan Mou was asked to leave a plane by law book pilot.

Main content actually very small: Shi Mou (female) board the plane hind put seat back of a chair to lowest to prepare to rest, gao Mou of back row passenger cannot comfortable enter, come up against Shi Mou’s hair not carefully when reminding opposite party with the hand, both sides produces quarrel, respective relatives and friends adds issue in, bring about both sides to be mixed abusively push. Other passenger does not persuade, the leader of a sports team does not persuade, do not persuade by personnel for nothing, cause order disorder for a time, law book pilot passes the monitoring of engine room, the decision passes frontier defence personnel Shi Mou of 3 ultra tourists, Gao Mou, Yuan Mou (tall wife) take an engine room. Pilot thinks these a few tourists affected airliner safety, caused an effect to other, refuse thirdly the person boards the plane, otherwise the airliner does not grant to take off.

We and the leader of a sports team beg for leniency for these a few people, be opposite then especially Fu of an old fellow like me, hope pilot can allow them to be returned together, but pilot manner is very determined, insist to want 3 people to leave engine room ability to take off. Ms. Zhang sig全国建筑模板生产基地KDhs, it is previously see on news all sorts of travel are uncivilized the exposure of behavior, did not think of this saw with one’s own eyes was witnessed, the thing of trifles, where find sth useful worsens such? ! She thi

nks, everybody always should remind him, no matter where go to should civilized travel.

High mountain the gentleman is Jiang Yan’s person, he sits at that time one is in at the back of party of dispute 木工模板最好的板HFboth sides, he says, shi Mou and he is group of a journey, its father also is person of 57 years old, and the look that sees Gao Mou, Yuan Mou also is person of 669 years old,淄博建筑模板公司 do not know the bilateral anger that it is what is so great, I am here by go down to be pressed again there, persuaded for ages. High mountain the gentleman tells Chengdu business signs up for a reporter, a bagatelle evolves such, everybody cannot think of, at the same time this matter also rings the alarm bell of civilized travel noisy for everybody, the hope is not recurrent similar issue.

Final plane behind schedule a hour takes off, at morrow before dawn safety arrived at Chengdu 2:10. Chengdu business signs up for a reporter to contact controller of relevant travel agent to understand, after the plane below 3 tourists, hel绿地模板p sb to get over his worries and education are accepted in frontier defence of Xian bead custom, receive by travel agent personnel later enter a public house to Xian bead urban district. The charge such as the bed and board that 3 tourists produce accordingly and return all needs him to assume. Latest news shows, travel agent already undertook to tourism bureau and frontier defence the circumstance is reported respectively, already fulfilled the return scheduled flight of 3 people, gao Mou, Yuan Mou wil建筑模板代理商l answer Chengdu from Guangzhou a favourable turn at tomorrow, shi Mou will return Chengdu directly at acquired Cong Xianli.

Travel agent controller expresses, kampuchea Wu Ge is travel busy season, the airliner is class class explodes full, person much hard to avoid has tiny attrition, more need a tourist to notice civilized travel. He hopes such thing is not recurrent. When Chengdu business newspaper reporter asks whether this 3 people can enter tourist blacklist when, he expresses to still not be clear about.

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