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· of writer horse dragon Zhanmusi setting data and photograph ” murder 7 times brief history ” brief introduction

Login register · of dragon of horse of writer of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Zhanmusi setting data and photograph ” murder 7 times brief history ” : of brief introduction origin? ?2015-10-14 09:0 of huge rock of dazzle blade contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Writer Ma Long Zhanmusi setting data and photograph, by right of ” murder 7 times brief history ” (A Brief History Of Seven Killings) ask a vessel cloth captured prize 2015, ” murder 7 times brief history ” brief introduction.

London time is late on October 13, ma Long of fictionist of 44 years old of Jamaica Zhanmusi (Marlon James) obtain a commissioner to favor with overwhelming advantage, by right of ” murder 7 times brief history ” (A Brief History Of Seven Killings) ask a vessel cloth captured prize 2015 (The Man Booker Prize) [a what kind of award is award of British cloth gram? ] , he also becomes cloth to ove求购工程复模板多少钱一块LKrcome the first to pick win a prize Jamaica writer.

Late on October 13 local time, ma Long Zhanmusi (Marlon James) by right of ” murder工程模板GD 7 times brief history ” (A Brief History Of Seven Killings) ask a vessel cloth captured prize 2015 (The Man Booker Prize) , the graph is prize-giving spot.

Ma Long Zhanmusisheng Yuyamaijia, reside American bright Buddhist nun now Abolisi, teach English and originality writing course since 2007. Before two his novels ” the devil of fatigue of gram agreement writing ” (John Crow S Devil) reach ” the book of nocturnal woman ” (The Book Of Night Women) beginning to show ability or talent wins a certain number of award first nomination, ” murder 7 times brief history ” the 3rd novel that is him. Whole book is as long as 686 pages, present more than 75 characters, was held a gun by 7 on December 3, 1976 around benefit of horse of Bob of originator of music of Jamaica thunder ghost closely

the man is besieged, the experience of barely escape one’s life, pass the member of eyewitness, killer, parliament, drug trafficker, champion that建筑木胶板价格 choose the United States, FBI, CIA, reporter, even the salty of soul shows in those days the incident of complicated and confusing, of the pen that a god comes to nuncupative history.

The commissioner meets a chairman highly praise of Michael Er five heart ” murder 7 times brief history ” breathtaking diapason is symphonious area, have in the book a lot of a lot of sound come over to make a person surprizing to end from the beginning to you ceaselessly. He still hopes the reader is not committed a crime by it the appearance place of the novel is frightened, there are a lot of places in the book very absorbing, have the milk of human kindness very much the world that it surmounted crime, guide us to leave us not distant to a paragraph deep what know very little history however in the center.

According to Zhanmusi an account in one’s own words, what he imagines at first is to write small full length, the white man killer that tells to come from Chicago suffers in Miami employ assassinate drug trafficker of a Jamaica. Zhan Mu Si Bishi is reading guilty novel afresh, he has taken title for the story even ” saw love what do to me ” , estimate also with respect to 230 pages (story) . However his at great length wrote 600 much pages finally, killer just comes on stage till the 458th page.

Zhanmusiduo the structural means of voice part also is to insert willow involuntarily likewise. He wrote a certain number of medium-length novel, each have so much concern with Bob horse benefit it seems that, however he cannot find to be able to carry a person of a feature-length independently however. The Zhanmusi of can find no way out complains to the good friend: I do not know this is whose story! The good friend looks at him strangely, reply: Do you work the story that have to thinks this is certain person? Are you read last time (of Faulkner) ” during I am dying ” be when? Engrave till this, zhanmusi just suddenly be enlightened, the novel of much voice part that oneself had had a Faulkner type actually, and Bob horse benefit is in imperceptible a dark line that became series connection novel.

” murder 7 times brief history “

This year is the person that cloth overcomes award to be composed to global English the 2nd open year. From 1969 award of first cloth gram rises to 2013, only the work that England, Ireland and author of state of the British Commonwealth publish in England abi沂源长兴木业lity is qualified participate in choose. The short list this year appears a diversity and young the tide that turn, 6 selected writers come from the United States, England, Nigeria and Jamaica respectively, divide McCarthy of Mu of British writer soup and Sangjifusahuoda of Indian descendants writer among them (Sunjeev Sahota) outside residing England now,

4 master home is on the others the United States. Before this, mcCarthy is exclusive the writer that a work ever won short list to nominate, arrive in American bear the palm the work of the Malilianluobinxun of be irresolute when firmness is needed ” Li is pulled ” (Lila) the Irish writer Anruite that reachs Ceng Huo cloth to capture prize (Anne Enright.

While cloth overcomes award to move toward internationalization, the novel of the six ministries in feudal China that is seleted short list also showed the world of a globalization. Sahuoda is in novel ” fugitive that year ” (the depict in The Year Of The Runaway) the woman is thanking 3 youths that come from India and country of an India Yi Ying the story of Field happening. These emigrant and respective bosoms put the secret in the past, try to be in exotic develop new life. Of soup Mu McCarthy ” Sa新型建筑模板价格多少 Ding island ” (Satin Island) is an ambition more make: Anthropologist U is asked compose generaliz

es the research report of contemporary world, as him gradually the image with traffic jam of leak of the oil on indulge screen, Africa, processional corpse, what he tries to find to be able to happen everything series connection to rise is secret and logistic.

Let what the person fixes eyes upon still have the tragic fundamental key that novel of this the six ministries in feudal China happens to coincide likewise. Liu Yuanying (Hanya Yanagihara) ” a mean person is strange ” (A Little Life) 4 companionate and deep friendship were drawn the outline of in splendid ground while, showed the heartbreak that friendship also cannot save and pain flintily. Look be like warmth gentle ” one axis blue line ” (A Spool Of Blue Thread) the young man and woman that lets visit one’s family people surround in sitting in the home round-table edge, the hope in revealing family life slowly next, scared, hostile, contradiction and secret. The most typical nothing is more… than Jigezeaobiaoma (Chigozie Obioma) ” fisher ” (The Fishermen) 90 time of 20 centuries middle period, on Nigeria small town 4 brother go out secretly fishing, experience bedlamite A Bulu (Abulu) , latter predicts the one person in 4 brother can kill another person, this prophecy tore off close brotherly ligament, caused a chain of tragedy to connect commissioners oneself建筑工地模板作用 also admit: Book list of this short list is quite heavy really.

Cloth gram award ever was approved for a time take readability seriously too, commissioners cho建筑工程模板ose to pull by right of this answered one bureau. Of Liu Yuanying of beautiful book author ” a mean person is strange ” before this by fair think bear the palm is批发建筑模板怎么样 popular, occupy first place of pop chart of company of British rich color, final still not enemy answer attune aesthetic of Zh建筑模板有哪些品种WDanmusi and violent aesthetic. Wood is recollected ever somebody tells him, they want to send a mother to read novel of bear the palm, however it is too difficult that Zhanmusi’s book has a place probably. Cloth overcomes award to publish outstanding achievement be closely bound up with books all along, the work that winner manage investigated Defulanagen last year ” the alley that leads to north ” in British work off 300 thousand, in global work off nearly 800 thousand. The webpage editor of Foyles of bookshop of British old brand expresses, to bookseller, (like Zhanmusi) of ambition and the originality such as this make obtain approbate and redound is heart-stirring, readers had been full of enthusiastic ground to receive this book.

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