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Coroner: La Ke is disease concerns an accident and its impetuous gloomy to death

Login register coroner of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: La Ke is: of concerned origin of an accident and disease of its impetuous gloomy to death? Nobeliun sends?2015-10-03 16:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

La Ke bizarre death水利工程建筑模板 incident becomes Hollywood spirit piece chief source. (the United States ” world daily ” / police station of los angeles city is offerred)

According to the United States media reports Hua Wen, la Ke homicide case coroner concludes, think La Ke the impetuous gloomy disease that cause of death is the dead. La Ke parents still accuses Cecil Er hotel commits error homicide, but argue square lawyer puts forward cancel according to autopsy report the motion of this case.

Check of coroner classics cadaver concludes, la Ke absolutelying refuse to is to violate compasses behavior be caused by, however an accident, causing this accident cause is impetuous gloomy disease of the dead. La Ke parents still accuses建筑模板厂TH Cecil Er hotel commits error to cause capital crime, think the accused is responsible the safety that becomes fine public house is on guard 山东省费县山德建筑模板厂the job, whether is facilities of regular examination hotel put in harmful to the guest hidden trouble, for example cistern lid does not have lock, bring abou建筑木模板t La Ke drop accidentally.

Fireman is carrying cistern on the head from building of Cecil Er hotel La Ke body fish out comes. (data photograph)

Maintenance of Cecil Er hotel is versed in Laopeici says in judicial attest, receive a guest to complain hydraulic too low hind, he reachs 15 floors by elevator, mount the stair that supports to the building, solution mounts cistern platform after the alarm besides building coping, climb cistern coping f建筑工地用的模板rom another ladder. At this moment I discover the cap of a cistern is to open, I to in look around, see inferior lie in distance hatchcover on face of descendants girl face on 12 inches surface.

The siren that supports to the building looks in order, but in La Ke I did not hear a week before dying the noise of siren. During the hotel works, besides La Ke outside homicide case, I do not remember anybody crosses the cistern that the building carries on the head without allowing to go up, include the guest of the hotel.

Director of工地建筑模板尺寸 work wear at present holds tile in the palm (Pedro Tovar) express in testimony, 14 buildings have 3 stair to carry fire on the head to flee for one’s life to the building the door. If warming system was not shut, any flees for his life the metropolis when the door is opened gives out alarm sound, 14 buildings can hear with 15 buildings, of course the clerk with downstage fi建筑用模板rst floor also can hear.

Want to mount cistern, people needs to mount cistern platform through ladder, again from the past is squeezed between cistern, escape cister

n is accessary equipmen板材覆膜是什么意思t, ability mounts another ladder that leads to cistern coping, and every cistern is built of very heavy cistern. Like tile and Laopeici are being held in the palm in what the hotel worked 30 years, because climb cistern,never hear of anybody and be harmed.

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