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Afghan army announces to counterattack: Will recapture by Taliban occupational town of military importance

In report will

occupy new network on September 30 Singapore ” associated morning paper ” report, afghan government builds up 29 days this month army counterattacks, before wanting to recapture one day be offspringed by Taliban’s occupational upper strategy city person (Kunduz) .

Armed element of tower bene建筑模板供应厂家fit class assaulted elder brother 28 days person, occupational the governmental building of this city, re济南泽浩木业leased hundreds prisoner, controlled elder brother basically effectively person.

Spokesman Muguxide is pushing Taliban to go up especially rele新松模板股份有限公

司ase a picture, show armed elem建筑模板有哪些品种ent is in th建筑模板施工安装价格e cricoid roundabout of downtown, brandish is worn Taliban has representative white stand, the intent shows Taliban’s triumph.

Elder brother person city is elder brother person province thes prefecture where the provincial capitNMSS-建筑模板9.3EKal is located, be apart from Afghan capital Kabul to make an appointment with 250 kilometers, one of key area of a临沂商城保森化工经营部rmed attack of tower benefit class are all the time since this

year. Afghan government army had repelled Taliban atttack for many times. But Taliban assembles this a large number of for模板有什么品牌ces is besieged, governmental army wards off blows hard.

Elder brother person be measured to capture by Dalibanli as provincial capital, to safety is being made an appointment with in Afghan north army is serious blow. This also shows armed element of tower benefit cla建筑模板去哪里买ss to have control right in its countryside foothold not merely, still have continue outspread the latent capacity of its sphere of infl山东宁津博汇木业有限公司uence.

Saidiji of spokesman of Afghan Home Office said yesterday: The army that build up already arrived at elder brother person, a huge martial operation was about to begin. He still expresses: We will recapture elder brother person.

Political power of tower benefit class 2001 by US-led after allied forces is overthrown, this organization arms continue with A governmental army reachs the multilateral force that be stationed in A to have fierce battle, but since long period not again occupational Guo Afu the provincial capital city of sweat.

Original title: Afghan army announces to counterattack: Will recapture by Taliban occupational town of military importance

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