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An emigrant boat and accident of ferry barge against devote Turkey maritime space 13 people die

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to France of station of French TV news cite Afp will report 24 hours on September 20, turkey local time on September 20, an oak kayak 建筑工地用的模板EFthat carries immigrant is gone to afore in Greek road, with ferry barge aga

inst, cause 13 people to die, 13 people are missing.

Install news agency to report more according to Turkey, this accident happening in Turkey Qianakalai visits the sea area around. This emigrant ship is in sail to the middl建筑模板市场价格BGe of Greek road with ferry barge against. The accident causes 13 people to die, include 4必展木业有限公司 children among them, additionally 13 people are missing.

Install news agency to point out more, this rubber that si烟台众诚新型建材科技有限公司nks in Aegean shares 46 immigrant on a light boat, but the citizenship that did not 优质建筑模板价格report a vic

tim in detail. It is reported, turkey coast posse already saved an immigr木模板施工工具GSant on 20 boats, continue to launch the operation tha深圳建筑模板公司t rescue in order to search other survival.

The report says, o山东宁津博汇木业有限公司n September 18, kutemosi of Turkey Vice Prime Minister (the statistical data that NumanKurtulmus) publishs shows, since 2015, already 274 immigrant die at Turkey maritime space, more than fifty-three thousand tw建筑工地模板厂家直销DWo hundred person is saved to rise 竹模板及价格KJby Turkey coast posse.


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