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[squeeze the grandma that come out to be able to put feeder how long] _ saves _ how to save –

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abor in pregnant woman, in the job that is aimed at the breast that feed a mother actually not too master, because Zuo of this a few professional knowledge is need,begin popularize those who change. Milk to put vitreous feeding bottle, if be the state of indoor temperature,fall, it is to be able to put 12 hour commonly. If be perfect milk, general can buy puts 6 hour, but do not suggest buy puts so long , if do not apply,be over, can buy discharge freezer is begun store. One, mother milk saves means: 1, of things chooseMo山东临沂恒丰木业有限公司ther milk saves household utensils to had better apply those who suit cold storage, the plastic product with good sealing, if take second place of plastic feeder; is vitreous steel, be like vitreous feeding bottle. We all is advertent, had better not can make with the metal store milk, think to the active gene component of rich and colorful is contained in milk, this kind of active gene is met on conglutinate metal stuff, the nurture that reduces milk then is qualitative. In a宝康木业有限公司ddition, the filmy bag that milk of mother of a kind of professional in order to released to save on market at present nowadays, treasure mom still can last with mother milk bag store milk oh. Put forward clearly in the light of a few friend with bottle of hermetically sealed can, boiled 龙泽木业有限公司water this kind of household utensils stores the means of milk, feline pa makes clear, also be actually can, mere we all should ensure they can do well sealing stores, cold storage effect. 2, suck a titEven if is again busy, the mother ensures every 3 hour suck a grandma even, in that way can reasonable avoid to suckle those who bilge to be measured with lactescence to reduce, make pure mother breeds feed can hold on as soon as possible. Between the time that the breast that squeeze a mother must stick in the facing outside household utensils after sucking a grandma in addition and , understand the within a definite time that mother milk saves clearly in that way, in case sordid, expire cause bacteria develop, have little baby bad. 3, memoryWant the household utensils that advertent is outfit milk to need not be installed too full, avoid cold storage to written guarantee aspic goes up broken. Had better be to will suckle moisture to be large portion (60, 120Ml) is refrigerated or refrigerant, convenient the appetite feed of little baby of family member or domestic baby-sitter basis, use up not easily, want to stick label, mark time. 4, remove freezeThe milk of cold storage is removing when freezing, ought to clean self-given bag with cold water first, add boiled water slowly, remove to freeze and rise to suit thoroughly till milk feed fed is spen盛和木业有限公司t, or buy is put in freezer cold storage to remove gradually freeze retreat ice. Need not use milk kitchen internal heat instantly or 去哪买建筑模板KTbe microwave oven, can destroy the nutrient element in milk in that way. Remove little baby can be fed in vitreous feeding bottle is being taken instantly after freezing. Remove the milk after freezing must be swallowed inside 24 hour, and can not refrigerate once more. 2, is general milk crowded can after going out, you store how long? 1, below indoor temperature stateSuckle first (give birth to the child 6 days the grandma that less than squashs) — can store inside 27-32 ℃ indoor temperature 12 hour. Perfect milk (the grandma that after giving birth to the child 6 days, squashs) — can store inside 15 ℃ indoor temperature 24 hour;19, can store inside 22 ℃ indoor temperature can store inside indoor temperature of ℃ of 10 hour;25 6 hour. 2, refrigerant0-4 ℃ is refrigerant can store if 3-8 day; is the box of small cold storage that contains inside freezer safe, the expiration period is two weeks. 3, cold storageIf be the safe that refrigerates depart with freezer, but often put makings mouth to take,put thing, the expiration period is 3, April. If be deep-seated safe, is spent maintain in 0 ℃ following, and often do not leave close, criterion the expiration period can is as long as in June above. In addition has stored milk will be deliquescent, send a little it seems that blue, become yellow or be hair nigger-brown, this is all regular state completely. Above is omnibus internationally the Jian fruit that acupuncture of feed of milk of pure mother of meeting, England learns milk and seminar of library of milk of mother of North America area suggests, but so that the body and mind of little baby is healthy,suggest we are best,be Zuo it is to choose low be restricted between . Final, collect and store all and special tool is used to be sure to want to clear and be disinfected when milk antiseptic. Can wash with cold water rinse first, reoccupy cistern dishwasher and boiled water are washed, clean finally clean with cold water. Boiled water temperature needs to accomplish 82 ℃ above, just can have effect of disappear poison bacterium in that way.

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