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[the seed of Job’s tears is what floral fructification] – of characteristic of _ action _

Actually Yi benevolence rice is a kind very divergent feeds capable person, as a result of Yi benevolence rice not only can develop adequately go the practical effect of damp, can be in the light of female friend character, yi benevolence rice also is a kind of cold sex feeds capable person, because this lady is unwell,the induction is fed more. If female friends are in,can be physiology period period inside do not eat Yi benevolence rice to get a word, yi benevolence rice arises not easily to human body commonly very big damage. This moment also is to a lot of people can appear misgive, the fruit of what greenery is Yi benevolence rice after all? Be gramineous plant Job’s tears kind benevolence. Yi benevolence rice has the effect with clear hot alexipharmic wet dispel, when heat of air temperature impetuous or heart center are irritated, bao some c建筑工程模板ongee of ginkgo fruit the seed of Job’s tears eats, can eliminate impetuous heat, make human body comfortable. E of vitamin B21, vitamin is contained in Yi benevolence rice, it is a kind of hairdressing protects skin food, often eat can maintain body skin glossiness meticulous, cleared acne, splash, improve skin color. Normal person often has Yi benevolence rice, 建筑模板价格厂家BFcan ma海子木业-代理CFke human body spry and light, reduce tumor disease to send probability. Extend material: Job’s tears is the greenery with nutgrass flatsedge annual division, advocate produce area Hubei the province of Qi spring, Hunan Province, Heibei, Jiangsu province, province such as the Fujian Province, Guizhou Province. Job’s tears spreads all over area of ministry of southeast of Yu Yazhou area and Pacific Ocean isl品牌建筑模板CFands internationally, the park takes the hot wet ground of city of semi-tropical, semi-tropical climate of the whole world, blame, South America to all establish or kind of ease are born. Job’s tears is fond of Hou of downy wet air conditioning, avoid tall is burning h建筑模板施工安装价格SFot, do not be able to bear or endure microtherm, avoid drought, mix with emerge, ear period e

specially layer of soil of regulation of period of form a vesicle is damp, average air temperature just began to sprout when 15 ℃ , cross 25 ℃ high and when above of air humidity 80%-90% , long growth of small Miao Sheng is rapid. Job’s tears Er child sprout very easily, sprout be fond of ℃ of Wen Wei 25-30, emergence rate is 85% fluctuation, Er child service life is 2-3 year, before be born in damp house more, pond, ditch, gorge, mountain stream or area of and other places of cropland of easy water-sick water-sick, 200-2000Km of height above sea level is general, natural or cultivate.

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